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Japanese desktop?

When will Duolingo developers actually make it available for it? Yes, I know that it's available for mobile. No, I don't want to use the mobile app. It's too dumbed down and actually just garbage now. Because I really haven't seen or heard of any updates.

August 18, 2017


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I don't know, I'm surprised it's not out yet now.


According to Luis it will be available sometime this year. See testmoogle's comment here:



I won't hold my breath.


I agree! they made every language but Japanese!! Just to help and not being some ad, but, you can check out Bussu.com they have Japanese and is VERY alike! thats one that I use then if you want to read Japanese, try memerize.com, But still!! They need to make it faster or something, and thats the number one language I'm trying to speak!!


i hope it is soon. my phone did not make it to my house after this week's backpacking trip. I hope it's in my friend's car. But, I'm definitely itching to get back to the Japanese course.


I'm not sure exactly why they have it out only for the app, but some information from the Korean team says that they'll be releasing their course on the app first as well and then onto the site once Duolingo figures out how to do east asian scripts on it. I'm guessing Japanese is facing a similar issue and they're testing some new feature that they just haven't figured out for their site, which was hinted at in an update awhile from the Japanese team, if I remember right. My guess is that Japanese will come out on the website whenever they finish figuring out this new feature, if they do something else, or they'll just forget about it altogether in favor of everyone who uses the app. Luis did say, after all, that that was their biggest userbase, ignoring the fact that everything can access the website, but only limited devices can acces specific versions of the app.


I guess, I'll just give up and use Genki.


Genki is excellent. Memrise also has some good courses, especially their official Japanese courses.


i hate the duo app. i feel like it's just a game about points and you don't actually learn anything. i need the tips & notes section and the forums under each question. it's extremely disappointing that they still haven't released for desktop.. just over here using textbooks in the mean time.

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