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Please add options to slow speech down!

There are many cases, in the four languages I study, where slowing down the audio playback would be extremely useful. Would it be possible to add this in more places? Often, it is hard to hear correct pronunciation of words because of the speed they are said. This is especially hard when learning a language with an unfamiliar alphabet, but has been an issue for me in French as well.

I am sure that, over time, I will not have this problem, but when beginning to learn a new language it is very frustrating and it has made me stop and start my use of the app many times. Have others had similar issues?

August 19, 2017



I understand what you're saying. It's just something you have to get used to. The voices that are audible are the closest representations to what a fluent speaker would sound like. This, at first, can be difficult to learn from. The more and more you practice/listen, the quicker you'll be at picking up what the speaker is saying.

I wish you the best of luck on your learning journey!


It is already possible to slow down the speech in many exercises. But a few languages use native speakers instead of TTS and cannot be slowed down.


I think it's usually confined to the courses with TTS, that said, I think Japanese has TTS, so... I don't know why it doesn't have the tortoise option.


I am having a similar problem currently with Norwegian and before also with French (this was over a year ago)

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