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  5. "お花はありますか?"


Translation:Are there flowers?

August 19, 2017



Singular is fne isnt it?


Why is there an o prefix for the flowers?


I'm fairly sure it's just an honorary お to make the question more polite


Why wouldn't "ga" be used here?


You don't want to put too much emphasis on a question, that's why questions usually have は。You can do it, but then it wouldn't be a generic question anymore and it would depend on the context.

「お花ありますか?」"is flowers what you have?"

「お花はありますか?」"do you have flowers?" "are there flowers? (in this store)"


I keep thinking Lilo and Stitch...


All my life thinking ohana means "family", and now Duo tell me it means "flower" XDDD


Aren't flowers living things (since they are plants)? In that case, why are we using あります instead of います?


います and あります is more about animate vs inanimate than living and nonliving
いる is something that moves by itself, so this would mainly be people and animals, but it can also be machines/robots which are non-living but moving. A parked car may be ある but a driving car may be いる. Something that has died would be ある, but depending on the phrasing and the thing that has died, a person or a pet may still take いる. Ghosts and gods/spirits may take either but more likely いる.
Plants are living but they aren't animate, at least not in a visible/meaningful way, so they take ある (It may grow bigger but probably isn't going to make its way to the other side of the room on its own). If someone is particularly fond of a plant though and wishes to personify it they may use いる. Similarly, dolls are inanimate but if they are personified and human-like someone may use いる for them.
This page has some more examples where the distinction gets a bit muddy https://www.imabi.net/aruiru.htm


It can also be interpreted as "Do you have flowers?"


Why is there an お before 花


お makes it more compliment sentence. お is not necessary in that sentence but it is more compliment way to say it. (sorry if my english is bad, i am not native english speaker)


'Do you have a flower?' should be accepted


"Where is my flowers?"


お花 means family. and family never gets left behind....or forgotten


Very useful. Imma go into a flower shop and ask that.

Just kidding.

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How would you say "Are the flowers there?", as in, you're preparing a wedding and you are asking if the florist has made his delivery.


Why "Are there any flowers"denied


Why "Are there any flowers" being denied ?

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