The Flirting course, the Idioms and Proverbs course, 30 dollars, and you are sitting there going, " I wonder if I can get a girlfriend in French, or learn some cool Proverbs. " But what do you really get? Let's find out.

These are some questions in the flirting course, and these are the comments of what they thought ect.

And here are some from the Idioms and Proverbs section.

What do people think? Some people like them, some don't, but they are worth getting though. Granted they are long, but worth it. And there are rumors going round about a festive season extra going round, duo is this true? Are these rumors worth trusting? If you are a moderater, please help us understand what is going on on duo. I also thank all who post, with questions and answers.

-Darth Solo

August 19, 2017


They do not cost thirty dollars but thirty Lingots.

It ultimately depends on how much you really want to learn the language. It's your choice on whether or not you want to spend 30 lingots on an extra set of vocabulary, but to anyone reading, don't make the purchase just because you have some extra lingots laying around. If you are genuine about studying the vocabulary, then go for it.

Personally, I wouldn't feel like I was learning absolutley everything if I didn't purchase the sections. Again, that's just me though. I'm sure others will feel differently.

I agree, but still...

They add more vocabulary and more idioms.

That I have not heard before but they are adding sentences in almost everything...

I only bought them as I had spare lingots

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