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Questions about Pearson's involvement

If they're just looking for a tool, why don't they just use Duolingo? To get more money by people using their website? Why must there be a Duo-Replica?

Is Duolingo staff helping make this possible by creating the courses for Pearson?

Please stop downvoting. These are honest questions I have.

August 19, 2017



They want the Duolingo format, but with their own content, thereby (they think) improving the efficacy of their products, which in turn makes them worth more, more competitive and thus more profitable. For this, they are presumably paying a sum of money that both parties think is worth their while. This does not seem to me very difficult to understand.


Hi, thanks for asking this!

The way the partnership works is that people who buy certain Pearson books will have access to an extra course on Duolingo that is aligned to these books. The reason this is attractive to Pearson is that the standard Duolingo courses teach concepts in a different order than their books, so it was hard for instructors to use Duolingo in conjunction with their books.

The courses are being made by Pearson through the Incubator. Pearson is paying Duolingo for this, which will help us break even and continue providing the website and apps free to everybody.

It's important to mention that this will not affect anybody who uses our standard courses, and that we have no plans to start charging for them.

--Luis (CEO of Duolingo)


Gracias Luis por aclarar esto, siempre hablas con pasión sobre lo noble y necesario que es la educación gratis para todos sin importar su nivel socio-económico, y se que siempre te vas a apegar a tus valores. Muchas gracias por Duolingo, sin gastar un centavo logré aprender Alemán gracias a ti.


Thank you Luis! Clarifies a lot of the confusion. Seems this partnership is a great thing for Duolingo.

Question..... how many lingots do you have?


That is a really pertinent question, but it immediately reminded me of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qf3xwmXXDH8

[deactivated user]

    Pretty sure they just want to use Duolingo as a platform to accompany their textbooks, to fit their curriculum, I don't see a problem...


    I thought the same, why not just tell students to use Duolingo?

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