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  5. "Is it snowing?"

"Is it snowing?"

Translation:Schneit es?

August 19, 2017



Why not "Ist es schneit"


I'll translate your sentence literally: "Is it snows?" That does not work. "snowing" the gerund is a concept that is not often used in German and works differently, more limited there. So what can you do? You use a different tense, here the simple present to fill the gap. In English: "Does it snow?" Or "Does it snow at the moment?" are synonymous to the sentence above. Translating those works better. "does" as the helping word for questions is not translated and you end up with: "Schneit es?" or "Schneit es gerade?".

I hope I could be of help.


I thought schneien means to snow. Snowing is a verb and verbs go to the beginni g if its a question. Am i wrong?


Schneit es: "snow it" Yep makes sense.


Lol. Good point!


I had "Es Schneit"? I mean I know it can't be switching the answer up EVERY TIME just to make me crazy, right? "es ist schneit?" "Ist es schneit" "Schneit es?"... the "Weather" lessons are making me want to go learn Mandarin or Swahili. (Gripe session end)


I also typed in "Es schneit?" and it was marked incorrect. Is that really the wrong way to say it? Anyone out there know how and why it is wrong? I just thought I'd ask.


Google translate said es schneit ❤❤❤


Google Translate has improved, but still has many errors. Try a German workbook.


whats wrong with Es schneit?


Why is "Es schneit" not correct as well as "Schneit es?"

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