Translation:They are sleeping.

August 19, 2017

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Vaaedas - She/He/It is sleeping

Vaaedis - They are singing.

Nages - He/She/It is singing.

Nagesi - They are sweating.

Liiris - He/She/It is smiling.

Liirisi - They are smiling.

Ēdrus - He/She/It is sleeping

Ēdrusi - They are sleeping.

Look up "High Valyrian Vocabulary" if you're interested in how they conjugate differently and find the tables.


is it wrong to say “ ēdrus issi “ ?


Yes, they don't use sagon (the verb the forms "issa/issi/iksan/iksi,etc." come from) as auxiliary for this, just use the verb in the present and it can already mean simple present or continuous.

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