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  5. "What do you want to know?"

"What do you want to know?"

Translation:Qu'est-ce que tu veux savoir ?

August 19, 2017



veux-tu saivor quoi? (?)


With the inverion that would be: "Que veux-tu savoir ?"

Putting que/quoi at the end of the sentence is a colloquial wording, and it cannot be combined with the very formal inversion: "Tu veux savoir quoi ?"

However I wouldn't recommend using colloquial constructions on duolingo, and you should stick to the more standard constructions: "Qu'est-ce que tu veux savoir ?" and "Que veux-tu savoir ?"


Quoi at the end is a rude and informal way of talking. Don't use it unless you know how to use it, and by the look of any student here, you should stick to polite and proper language! :D

But, even I wouldn't use "veux-tu savoir quoi", I'd say "Tu veux savoir quoi?"


I put "Tu veux savoir quoi" and it doesn't accept.


What is the difference in use of savoir and connaitre (with accent) in this case!


Thanks for that. I quickly read it and now I think should have used connaitre which is clearly wrong. I'll have to read it again slowly :-(


Qu'est ce qu voulez vous a savoir not accepted. This translates via google. What am i missing?


You cannot use both 'est-ce que' and subject-verb inversion, it's either one or the other:

Que voulez-vous savoir ?
Qu'est-ce que vous voulez savoir ?

Also, google translate is not a good tool to check grammatical correctness.


you mustn't add (à) because savoir is already men TO KNOW so qu'est ce qu vous (or tu) voulez (veux) savoir or que voulez-vous savoir or que veux-tu savoir


Why isn't "Tu veux savoir quoi?" accepted?


It's very informal, I would personally prefer "Qu'est-ce que tu veux savoir" even in speech, but it's not incorrect and you can report it if it's not accepted.


i put "tu veux savoir quoi" and it was marked as incorrect, although it is perfectly acceptable in normal speech. Why?


Leaving aside the quoi element, why not veux-tu in this case?


Because veux-tu savoir=do you want to know and the sentence that given is (What do you want to know) que veux-tu savoir


Thanks Jason, total sense


I write (que voulez- vous savoir ) and it is accepted


Joining the list of phrases so far beyond my ken that I cannot proceed without copy pasting the answer.


"Qu'est-ce que voulez-vous savoir?" why isn't this accepted?


Because after que the clause is in SV order, not VS.


c'est quoi tu veux savoir?

pourqoi c'est ne vraiment pas?

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