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What is the meaning of "ich würde es privat lösen" ?

Unfortunately the discussion thread of this exercise ends up with an error message "page not found". Therefore I have to post this question to the general discussion board.

Does the German sentence mean that "I would solve it privately" (i.e. let's hide it from the public) or "I would solve it personally" (i.e. I'm taking the responsibility for the solution)? Or could it be both and the actual meaning will be defined by the context?

August 19, 2017



'I would solve it privately' that I would translate as "ich würde es vertaulich lösen" or better: "Ich würde es in einem vertraulichen Gespräch klären." 'I would solve it personally' I would translate into: "Ich würde es persönlich lösen (better: regeln). "Privat" is in German more used as a contrast to "beruflich" (at work) or "geschäftlich" (on business). So I would translate "Ich würde es privat lösen" as "I wouldn't solve it at work."


the first solution seems right. Imagine this: You hit another car with your car. The damage is just minor and you have to decide whether you want to involve the insurance company or you want to solve it in private by paying for it yourself and thus save your discount on the insurance rate.

Same idea, different story: you want to decide whether you need to involve the cops or solve the problem in private.


The first one. Although, I would translate it as: "I would solve it in private." It can either mean that "I" doesn't want the public to know or "I" just wants to do it alone, separated from others, for the quietness or whatever. It does not say who "I" includes, maybe the family or company are private enough.

I hope I could be of help.


Good explanation. Thank you.

What happened to you, btw? I tried to get in touch with you so many times. :/ Email me when you get a chance.


I think it's "I would have solved it privately"


doesn't "would have" translate to "hätte"?

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