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A little help on German Adjective Declination.

While I was first learning German, I found out that there was something called "Adjective Declination". On some websites tell tell that there are 3 types of declinations: Mixed, Weak, and Strong. Although the problem is that some websites just says if it has a definite, indefinite, or no article you have to use this or that and I don't know which is right, my notes turned into abomination. (Sorry if this is quite hard to understand)

August 19, 2017

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The definite articles are: der, die, das, the indefinite articles: ein, eine, ein. For example: der Mann - der große (tall) Mann, die Frau - die große Frau, das Kind - das große Kind; ein Mann - ein großer Mann arbeitet (works) = nominative case; eine Frau - eine große Frau geht (goes); ein Kind - ein großes Kind spielt (plays). In the accusative case only "der" and the masculine "ein" changes into "den" and "einen" but then also the following adjektive changes: Die kleine (little) Frau (nominative) hat einen großen Mann (accusative). But: Die kleine Frau hat ein großes Kind (accusative) because "das Kind" and "ein Kind" don't change. Der große Mann (nominative) hat eine kleine Frau (accusative). In the dative case changes "der" into "dem", ein into "einem", "die Frau" into "der Frau", "eine Frau" into "einer Frau": Die kleine Frau gehört zu (belongs to) dem großen Mann or: einem großen Mann. Der große Mann (nominative) gehört zu der kleinen Frau (dative). Er gehört einer kleinen Frau. Der kleine Ball gehört dem großen Kind.

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