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"Ĉu tiuj estas nur ĉarmaj promesoj, ĉu vi parolas la veron?"

Translation:Are those just charming promises, or are you speaking the truth?

August 19, 2017



I wonder, why tiuj instead of tioj? I am not totally clear on the differences between those words.


First of all, tio never takes a -j - so it would have to be tiuj vs tio.

The difference between the two is that tio answers "what" and tiu answers "which. Another way to look is like this:

  • if you can add a noun after it without changing the meaning, you probably mean tiu

"Are those (promises) just charming promises?"

Since you can stick in "promises" without changing the meaning, it has to be "tiu" here.


Thanks for the clarification!

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