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Turkish headstone, Help!

Hello guys, I'm doing some creative writing and in my writing, I need to involve a Turkish headstone that has half-disintegrated with time. Can someone please help me make up words for the headstone in Turkish? The own of the tomb goes by the name Semra Yılmaz (Does it sound like a legit Turkish woman's name? If not, can my Turkish-speaking friends please help? Thx), She's born in 1974 and died in 2008. She lived for 34 years, and died of an illness. She lived near Istanbul. She was a devoted mother of 6 (or 7) kids, and worked as a seamstress before she died. So now, she passed away (sadly), and her long-lost kid is visiting her grave. What should the engraving on the headstone be? Can someone please help me with writing a simple headstone in Turkish? Thanks a million. If I ever publish my work, I'll make sure I remember you! Thanks again!

1 year ago



Semra Yılmaz

Ruhuna El-Fatiha

D. 1974

Ö. 2008

1 year ago