"Ich bin gestern in den Park gegangen."

Translation:I went to the park yesterday.

March 10, 2013

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Why not the dative (im or in dem)?


So "I went yesterday to the park" is incorrect English? I always thought it was the same as "I went to the park yesterday". Guess you can learn two languages at the same time.


Yesterday I have gone to the park. Why not?


Because it's not good English


How would you say "yesterday I walked in the park"? Since that's what I put and it was marked wrong


You would say: "Ich hab' gestern einen Spaziergang im Park gemacht." Direct translation: "I made a walk in the park yesterday." - In German, if you walk for the purpose of walking, you use the phrase "einen Spaziergang machen" or "spazieren gehen". Spazieren comes from the Italian word spaziare. (https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spaziergang , for full verbose action. Try Google Translator on that page or some of the synonyms there to dive into the world of German promenading)


Maybe 'Ich bin gestern im Park gegangen' Dative case (in dem) as it's not indicating motion towards.


It merits mention that the hints suggest that walked is an option for this line to be translated into English.


It seems that german speakers invent new rules in English. The place of the word in the sentence matters much more in German than in English.

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