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"... isst Mittagessen" should not be in Dative

Example of "Er/sie isst Mittagessen" should not be in Dative as it does not contain any words in Dative, while I got similar versions of it almost 75% in lesson 2 of Dative. Admins should kindly take a note of this..

June 27, 2012



Hi Drekir. There's no Dative in this sentence. 'Mittagessen' is in Accusative. Nominativ: das Mittagessen Akkusativ: das Mittagessen Dativ: dem Mittagessen Genitiv: des Mittagessens

There is no article in your sentence and there shouldn't be, however the form of the object (accusative) is the same.


Uh ya I know; That's exactly what I'm trying to tell Duolingo admins.. :)

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