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  5. "The fences are long."

"The fences are long."

Translation:Die Zäune sind lang.

August 19, 2017



Zaune is incorrect; the plural of Zaun (fence) is Zäune (fences) with an umlaut.

Fenster means "window" or "windows".


What now? Why isn't Der Acceptable? Hmmm?


What now? Why isn't Der Acceptable?

Because die Zäune is the subject of the verb sind, so it has to be in the nominative case.

So you need the plural nominative article die.

der would be plural genitive (wrong case), masculine nominative (wrong number - singular instead of plural), or feminine genitive/dative (wrong gender and case).


Hi how do I put the dots above letters? I keep getting messages about punctuation


If you're on a mobile device, try long-pressing the a o u s keys to get access to modified versions such as á à â ä å ..., ö ô ø ..., ú ù ü ..., š ß ....

If you're on a computer (Windows, Mac, Linux), you (a) should have little buttons underneath the input field letting you insert ä ö ü ß, (b) may wish to install a German keyboard layout.


Tracie. Das ist die Antworten. Ja? Just push down on Cell phone key and slide to the one you want to use.


I was kind of confused


the fence, the fences - der Zaun, die Zäune

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