"The fences are long."

Translation:Die Zäune sind lang.

August 19, 2017

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what is the difference between lange and lang?


Zaune is incorrect; the plural of Zaun (fence) is Zäune (fences) with an umlaut.

Fenster means "window" or "windows".


I just noticed that one of the suggestions in the hints is Hehlerin which appears to be the feminine derived from Der Hehler a receiver of stolen goods (a 'fence' in colloquial english) :-)) So I have to say that this tip is wrong because the plural of Der Hehler is Die Hehler and the plural of Die Hehlerin should surely be Die Hehlerinnen!!


I believe that at one point, the hints were automatically filled from a dictionary, and so they often contain weird and wonderful and extremely context-specific translations that would never occur on this course.

You're right that Hehlerin is a female fence, singular. I've removed that hint, now, along with a bunch of other unsuitable ones.


Why lang and not lange.


I wish nouns could be introduced in their singular form so the gender can be determined before they are used in the plural where the gender is unclear.


Hi how do I put the dots above letters? I keep getting messages about punctuation


If you're on a mobile device, try long-pressing the a o u s keys to get access to modified versions such as á à â ä å ..., ö ô ø ..., ú ù ü ..., š ß ....

If you're on a computer (Windows, Mac, Linux), you (a) should have little buttons underneath the input field letting you insert ä ö ü ß, (b) may wish to install a German keyboard layout.

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Warum nicht "weit"?

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