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Hi! Is it too late for me to learn the accent?

Hi I would like to get answers to these questions:) I am now 14 and I started German this year in school and Duolingo and my goal is to be fluent in German in the future. Is it too late for me to learn the German accent? And is it easier for me/harder to learn German because I am Finnish?

I know English (fluently) and about Swedish I know the basics and maybe a little more :DD I study that also but studied only 1 year now so I know they will give me some benefits because German,Swedish and English has a lot of similarities because they are cousins,right?

But yeah! Thanks for all the answers and have a nice day :))

I would love to move to Germany to study in a university or something:D Still time to learn

August 19, 2017



Hi Trynna,

no, it´s not too late at all! German pronunciation and accent is not so difficult to learn (I think^^). There are many sources online you can use to listen to the german language. Just have a look. I hope you will enjoy it.

regards Angel


Thank youuuuu :D little bit boost to my hope of getting fluent someday


The News channel "Euronews" is watchable in many different languages. Here is the german version: http://de.euronews.com/live

Have fun


Thanks you so much :Dd


Are you nuts? Do you think an old dog cannot learn new tricks? My mother was some 50 years old when she started learning Italian. At 75, she picked up Dutch so that she could travel to the Netherlands to visit a friend. You're not even 20, so there is a lot of time to learn German in time to study at a German university. How can I know? Well, you are Finnish and you are already fluent in a second language (English). You started with it, say, five years ago, so five years from now (more likely: two years from now) you can say that about German as well. Keep going and - first of all - enjoy German(y)


I've been fluent in english now 2 years maybe couple more words in the vocabulary but I think I learnt english the best from videogames and movies os I guess I will start watching German tv :D thanks


I guess it's never too late to learn whatever accent you want. :)


If you want to learn the accent of a language, than you have to go into the country and stay there for a while, this doesn't depend of the age. But it's also useful to watch films in the language you want to know, so you hear often hear the language:)

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