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  5. "Ga i afal? Cei."

"Ga i afal? Cei."

Translation:May I have an apple? Yes .

August 19, 2017



Is "Cei" the answer specifically to "Ga i..." and no other construction? Does it conjugate like "Nac ydw / wyt / ydi" etc? It seems just a transliteration of the word "Ok" to me. (Sorry, this question may be revealed to me soon in other parts of this lesson but I am very curious)


"Cei" is singular "you may", "cewch" plural or formal. And yes it conjugates fully.


I think I've heard cewch as an answer as well, but I'm just a learner and may have got it wrong.


What would the answer be if permission wasn't given? Nac cei?


Na chei

The negative particle na here causes an aspirate mutation of p- t- c- to ph- th- ch- and a soft mutation of other mutatable initial letters.

See https://www.duolingo.com/skill/cy/Gai/tips-and-notes


Dumb American here. I have to read more notes because I thought "Cei" was just Welsh slang for "OK." Thanks for straightening me out especially ibisc.


Just a facepalm moment: the audio cut short as it sometimes does but it was at the end of the sentence so I wrote “May I have an apple?”


...what’s doh!, oops!, whoops!, etc yn Gymraeg?


Hi, we tend to just say oops! but pronounce it more like 'erps!'. Hope that helps


That happens to me all the time!


If cei is may, then what does ga I mean?


Ga i? = May I? Cei (di) = You may


Thanks :)

So, stop me if i’m wrong, a teacher could say something like: Cei di oren. = You may have an orange.

Or a principal: Cei di fynd. = You may go.


Where is the verb 'to have' in this sentence? All I see is "May I apple? Yes"


This is explained in the course notes. The meaning of having/getting in this context is included in the ga i?:

  • Ga i fynd? - May I go? (no 'have' in the English)
  • Ga i afai? - May I have an apple? (English needs a 'have' here to make sense, but Welsh does not need a separate word)

Welsh and English have very different patterns, so word-by-word translations often do not work very well.


Why isn't May i have an apple ? Yes you may . correct.


Technically that would be: “May I have an apple? You may.” (i.e. You might want to check for typos and, I think, “Cei.” = “Yes” OR “You may.”)

Good question. Maybe there’s another way to say the whole: “Yes, you may.”

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