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What to substitute on the keyboard for German characters

How do I type sweet in German. Duolingo does not recognize anything I try.

August 19, 2017



Perhaps you could try a single 's' or a double 'ss'. If that doesn't work and you can't find the icon as mentioned in Captain_Duo 's comment then you could try adding German as a keyboard on your desktop, tablet or phone... The easiest way to do that is to Google your specific device and how to 'add keyboard' or 'add keyboard language'. If you do add German onto your keyboard then you'll be able to use all the characters necessary for typing in German. Hope this has been helpful. Good luck xx


Thanks for your suggestions


it should have characters to type, you just click the icon


And if you want to be able to type one of the German characters, you can copy it and then paste it with Ctrl+V.


To substitute umlauts and the sharp S if you do not have them available on your keyboard, use:

ä = ae
ö = oe
ü = ue
ß = ss


Thanks but I tried ss and duo wouldn't accept this. :(


What device are you on? I downloaded the German keyboard for my phone, and Duolingo automatically changes to that keyboard when I need to type in German, and back to English when I need to type in English. The only character it doesn't have standard is the ß. For that, I just hold down the S key on the keyboard and I can choose it as an option.


Try (assuming you are on a computer) installing an English international keyboard—that should give you all the characters needed for German without necessitating any keyboard-changing.


You can use the "Alt" key with different numbers to generate German characters. Try

Alt 225 for ß,

132 for ä, 142 for Ä,

148 for ö, 153 for Ö,

129 for ü and 154 for Ü

hope that helps

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