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For some time all my spoken German has not been accepted. I am confident not all my pronunciation is bad. How can I overcome this.

August 19, 2017



Using beats studying any day of the week. If you can, try to use German as much as possible. Sure, you'll sound silly at first but everyone does. And don't forget, German is the language of love!


"German is the language of love" I've never heart these before, but it's nice to see how other think about a language. I'm a native German speaker and I always found that it sounds harsh-


Well, that was kinda a joke. And it's funny exactly cause it sounds harsh :).


OK, and I wondered how different the impression of a language could be hahaha I'm happy that I have to speak "Hochdeutsch" only at school. And in my free time I can speak a dialect of it. It sounds much more tender :D



This website has bunch of native speakers pronouncing words, you could listen and repeat them which may help.


Repeat the audio parts until you think you have it right, then try to say what they say. Also I have had a problem with them rejecting my pronunciation when I KNOW I was right. They also ACCEPT occasionally garbled pronunciation.

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