I really like the stories but do you all think that they should have different levels of stories? like beginner, intermediate, and expert. I also think they should make different languages for it to. what do you all think?

August 19, 2017


This discussion by staff covers your second suggestion

See this comment from vivisaurus, who stated that they're testing the project on a small scale right now to see how effective it is before they expand it onto other platforms, languages, etc. This is how the Labs section will work; users are given the privilege to get a glimpse of some of the projects that the staff is working on currently.

I like your first idea; Great for Spanish beginners like me! Since the only language I am seriously learning is Spanish, I am quite fine with only Spanish and Portuguese, but I know a lot of other users who don't study either are very bothered and disappointed about that. Vivisaurus, an Admin, explained why there are just those two languages: They were the only ones they had access to. I hope in the future there are more languages, but to be honest, vivisaurus made it sound like there wasn't going to be for a long, long, long, time, if ever. I hope we'll get them one day, because I am definitely going to do more duolingo trees in the future, and not just Portuguese.

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