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  5. "O cumpăr eu însumi."

"O cumpăr eu însumi."

Translation:I buy it myself.

August 19, 2017



Why has the pronoun 'eu' relocated to after the verb?


As far as I know, "eu" is not necessary to complete the conjugated verb. So "I myself" is to be thought as one entity here, like "Bought her, all by myself"

Also, "o" often takes different positions relative to the verb in comparison with the other accusative pronouns (îl, ....), but I'm not sure if the latter is relevant here.


@impvam In Romanian you can have pronoun+verb or verb+pronoun as subject+predicate in a sentence and both are correct.


Yes, it's annoying.


When the TTS speaker is a woman, the sentence sounds so weird! A girl must say ”O cumpăr eu însămi”. The sentence is masculine in Romanian, Duo must use a man to speak it.


Nobody else but me buys it. Hence, "I buy it myself".


Er...what is this supposed to mean exactly?


"I buy it myself"; unless I am buying a cow. In that case I could say "I buy her...".


What is the difference between eu mă cumpăr and cumpăr eu însumi? I.e. when should you use mă andd when should you use însumi?


@lebo_bebo You can't buy yourself (mă cumpăr) even you are rich... When "cumperi tu însuți" you don't send someone to buy for you. Otherwise you can buy via someone or online...


Thanks. But if you were buying something for yourself as opposed to it being for somebody else, could you then use mă cumpăr?


Then you should use "îmi cumpăr ceva" or "cumpăr asta pentru mine". "Mă cumpăr" means "I buy me" or "I pay to buy my person".

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