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Looking for a norwegian mate:)

Hey people of the internet, I'm Matt', 16 Years old and I am half filipino and half german. I'm about to start learning NORWEGIAN since it is such a beautiful language and because of many other reasons hehe. So therefore, I'm looking for someone from beautiful Norway to help me or someone who is also about to start learning NORWEGIAN.

I'd love if someone in that case could help me out. Don't mind adding me on Snapchat maybe @matt_smiles4eve or on Instagram @morethanfree. We can find somewhere else to talk if it doesn't suit you well... Don't forget languages are bridges and I hope YOU are a one to a whole new world.

Thanks for reading & don't be afraid hehe.

Your Matt'

August 19, 2017



Hi, I'm not learning Norwegian, German, or Tagalog, but I think you should put this in the Norwegian for English speakers forum so that you get more replies to your request.


Hei og velkommen til den verden til norsk! (Hi and welcome to the world of Norwegian!)

It's really nice to see here another newbie, if you use facebook, than I'd love to chat with you there! ^^


Hi og tak I guess xD I do have Facebook. Mine is Matthäus Adonis Schnell (I know I Know haha) and thanks for your reply. See you there I guess (:


Okay thenn X3 If you see someone who is called "Onodera" that's me XD


im starting to learn norwegian, and would love to help you out!


Hi, since your discussion doesn't relate to Duolingo in general, you might want to consider moving your discussion to the Norwegian in English forum. That way, more people who are learning Norwegian from English will be willing to respond to your post.

Also, here's the link to a detailed guide explaining which forum to post your discussion in:


I didn't realise they had a Norwegian course on this. I have a friend who lives in Norway and he'll be so proud of me if he found out that I know a few words. hehehe.

I would contact you but I got my phone confiscated (for a year and a half now) so. . . Anyway, thanks for reminding me that there is a Norwegian course on this!!! XD


The moderators on the Norwegian course are quick to respond and most questions and discussions on there are sensible and friendly. So the course is a good start for anyone wishing to know some Norwegian.


HEY! I AM NORWEGIAN, can we chat!!!!!!!!

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