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  5. "Quanti siete?"

"Quanti siete?"

Translation:How many of you are there?

August 19, 2017



Translates "Quanti siete?" not more to "How many are you?" then to "How many of you are there?"? Where is the expression "you are there" coming from?


I agree with you that 'How many are you?' would have been enough.

For 'How many of you are there?' I would suggest In quanti siete?
Quanti siete? should be answered with a number alone (e.g. Siamo cinque = 'We are five').
Instead, the reply to In quanti siete? should include the preposition (e.g. Siamo in cinque), which is somewhat closer to 'There are five of us'.


A possible translation for "How many of you are there?" is "Quanti di voi sono lì?" - according to an online translator :-)


It is very literal and indeed grammatical, but it sounds rather unusual, because the adverb actually means 'how many of you are in that place' (i.e. where the listener is), so it is a bit different from the English 'there' in this context.


Se io chiamo un amico al telefono e sento un sacco di rumore e gli chiedo "Quanti siete lì?" sicuramente lui non mi risponderà con un numero ma "Siamo in tanti"


Ricapitolando, come devo tradurre "Quanti siete?"
How many are you? oppure How many of you are there?
Duo le accetta entrambe.


I did the same and was given Quanti di voi ci sono. But somehow I knew this would not be accepted, however this translation really is tricky. It should simply have said, How many are you?


I have the same questions!!!


My boyfriend (native italien speaker) also says it should rather be "quanti di voi sono lì". But surely the "are there" is not part of the two words "Quanti siete"!!!


Native alien? :)


My answer was ' How many are there of you?' It was marked wrong. I would say that this is the more natural way that this question would be put in UK English, although 'How many of you are there?' would also be used. Could DL not allow for these small variations of word order as long as the meaning is exactly the same, especially when it is not a literal translation?


That was my beef with the 'correct' answer; the 'of you are there'? is implied but not verbally stated. THIS SHOULD BE FIXED.


Why not "Quante" countable How many? In the previous question "Quante ragazze...?"


I'm not a native Italian, but I guess 'quante' could be good as well? As 'quanti' is the male plural version and 'quante' is the female plural version? Can any Italian shed some light on this?


For me this looks like "How many of you?" like somebody called on the phone and told "I am coming with my fellows to party.".


There can only be one Fellow


This is something a hostess asks the leader of a party at a restaurant. "How many are you?" is an acceptable translation.


There is a glitch here. I am putting the correct solution "How many of you are there?" but I keep being asked again


The problem is, even apart from translation, native English speakers have a difficult time knowing what to say in this situation without sounding wrong! Luckily "how many are you" seems to be gaining ground in the USA.


"How many of you all are there?" should not be marked wrong. "you all" should always be able to be used for the you (plural) form


Why must have "are there" at the back of yhr the sentence?


Why "there"? I don't see "lì/là" in the italian sentence


I believe that the word "there" is not refffering to a physical location but rather to existencial location if that makes any sense


I believe this is just one of those ways that a statement can be made without using the literal or exact terminology. Remember, not everything will be translated to the t from one language to another - so this must just be how we, as English speakers, would make sense of this.


A mio (modesto) parere (in my humble opinion): "quanti" e "quanti di voi" it's not the same. "Quanti" is generic, "how many of you" is not generic. Quanti ce ne sono ? (generic) - Quanti di voi ce ne sono ? (it is not generic - di voi). Bye


Why is "how many are you?" wrong?


I reloaded duolingo buy the correct answer is still not working So I cannot finish this lesson


quante siete? , if they are all women?????????


why not "quanti siete la"


Are there any of you who couldn't hear the audio clearly?


How many?

You just said... there are 7 of us :P


Is this "how many of you are there" as in how many of you are at mum's, so that i know how much food to bring. Or how many of the one person? Because siete is you singular, isnt it? If so that sentence makes sense only in a Sci-Fi movie where you can clone yourself.


How many are there of you? Non comprendo why I lost a heart


In ENGLISH (according to the question) is CORRECT!!!!! Have another look duolingo.


If someone else is struggling with remembering which words are "how much" and which "how many" maybe this helps: Quanto/quanta and quanti/quante are basically the singular and plural forms. "quanta acqua?" "how much water?" water stands in singular, while with "quanti animali?" "how many animals?" animals is plural, so the ending changes according to it. How much of one thing, vs how many things. Im not sure if this is grammatically true but it at least helps me to remember which question is which!


Well i said how many of you ate there?"


Well it annoys me to lose a heart for an answer that is vague on its correctness. I said "how many of you are there?" and it was marked wrong...


I am agree with Novacella7


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I wrote how many are there and it was wrong. Is that an error on me or duo


Lol, I need to learn how to spell correctly. Oh, well.


HUH? Is this an idiom? Quanti siete means how many seven. I do not understand the answer. I thought it should simply say "Quanti di voi ci sono." "Ci sono" means there are or are there


Hi William, the siete means 'you all are'. If you remember 'essere' verb.

io sono - i am

tu sei - you are

lui/lei è - he/she is

noi siamo - we are

voi siete - you are(plural)

loro sono - they are

Seven in italian is "sette"


Siete = seven in Spanish siete = 'you are' in Italian

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