"You are girls."

Translation:Riñi iksāt.

August 19, 2017

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Why Riñi iksāt and not Riñi iksā?


iksā is for a single person, whereas iksāt is plural. Riñi is plural, so iksāt is used.

  • Riña iksā. You are a girl.
  • Riñi iksāt. You are girls.

Present indicative of the verb: sagon to be

  • iksan I am
  • iksā you are (singular)
  • issa he/she/it is
  • iksi we are
  • iksāt you are (plural)
  • issi they are


"Riñi iksā" would only make sense if you were telling a single person that they were a group of girls. The mind boggles at the context where such a thing would happen, but perhaps you can come up with a valid scenario? ;)


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