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"Culorile rochiilor sunt frumoase."

Translation:The colors of the dresses are beautiful.

August 19, 2017



culoare f. = colour (~ French couleur)
singular: culoare / culoarea - culori / culorii
plural: culori / culorile - culori / culorilor

culoar n. = corridor, hallway (~ French couloir)
singular: culoar / culoarul - culoar / culoarului
plural: culoare / culoarele - culoare / culoarelor


Just a note: the spelling "culoare" for "color" is by far the most common. "coloare" should be regarded as a variant.


Thank you, I changed that. I started out with the confusion over the similarity in the first place, and then probably stumbled over the rarer form with -o- in dexonline.ro by some typo of mine...


Can one switch the translation from "The colors of the dresses..." to "The dresses' colors..."?

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