"Eu trăiesc departe de oraș."

Translation:I live far away from the city.

August 19, 2017

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I have other question - is "departe" - realy means "far away from"? I am not native english speaker and it (romanian sentence) sounds to me more like " away/outside of the town"


I think "I live away from the city" should also be accepted.


i was going to ask the same. if oras is city, what is town ? Thanks.


oraș is city or town


Could you clarify is this city as in American English or as in British English? I live in a town of >250000 people which does not have city status. Historically in the UK places had to have a cathedral to be called a city, though there are now a number of large towns that have been granted "city" status. Wikipedia implies there are 217 towns classed as oras, in addition to the 103 cities classed as municipiu.


You are right, the UK city status is more like the municipiu (class 1 or 2) predicate in Romania. There are orașe that have fewer than 10,000 inhabitants (the official limit by law 351/2001) and were promoted from sat (village) to oraș only so Romania should have enough “towns” to join the EU.


I live in a city of 250000 people. :)


I live in a city of 35,000 people. In other words, dont get hung up on these details.


What about 'a city' as opposed to 'the city'?


Wouldn't that be “departe de un oraș?”

I think Romanian omits the definite article after many prepositions but not so easily the indefinite article.

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