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Why don't have a skill with phrasal verbs on DUOLINGO. They are very important in daily conversation. It is very difficult to understand a native english speaker, if we do not know phrasal verbs. In informal conversation, they are quite used. I ask to administrators, coordinators, and application developers to fill that gap. Thank you, in advance, to all who elaborate and maintain this great project that is DUOLINGO. A big hug to everyone.

August 20, 2017



I was unfamiliar with the term. Thank you for your suggestion as I learned something new about grammar. Do languages other than English have phrasal verbs also?


I'm brazilian. There are not phrasal verbs in portuguese. If after the verb comes a preposition or adverb, in the Portuguese language, the meaning of the verb does not change, but in English the meaning of the phrase changes completely. This fact hinders the understanding of Portuguese speakers. It requires a lot of study to become familiar with, understand and use such expressions in our conversations. If the DUOLINGO had a module with the prasal verbs, it would be very good to improve our understanding and listening comprehension. I want to thank everyone for their understanding. A big hug.


Sorrry! There was changed the position of the letter "h" and "r" in the word "phrasal". Thank you so much.


Sure. In my word list I used to add the preposition / adverb, but I ended up removing them because of inconsistency and uncertainty (didn't always know the appropriate adverb or when to use it) .


I am agree too i like Duolingo but i would like to practice with phrasal verbs thank you

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