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HI!! I would like to discuss about the Japanese language,

Hi!! I think that if Duolingo is still working on the Japanese language, why not have a little club for people that knows a little bit of Japanese ( like me) and share them with each other?! It can be like a temporary learning club! I know about like 30% of Japanese, and so if some people can help teach and learn at the same time with each other we may know almost half the language already!! It can be fun too!! so if your reading this Duolingo,I hope you'll like the idea and support us, so please commet if you will like to join the temporary Japanese club!! like and follow me please too!! jamatta!!! (good bye!!!)

August 20, 2017



Hi, welcome to Duolingo! You can discuss anything regarding Japanese (the course itself, vocabulary, grammar, etc.) in the Japanese in English forum via at here:

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