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  5. "I also want to eat."

"I also want to eat."

Translation:Я теж хочу їсти.

August 20, 2017



Isn't "Я теж їсти хочу" also grammatically correct?


It is, and it's usage is not SO seldom to claim that it's not added just not to confuse the learners. I added it, now it's accepted, thanks!


Thank you, can you maybe also update a few other questions that are similar to these?


Uh. Well, I found one more and updated. Maybe there are more, but I don't see them for now.


I thought position didn't matter in Ukrainian. I put "Я хочу теж їсти" and got it wrong. Why?


Not any word order sounds natural. Some do make one sound like Yoda :) E.g. "Я їсти хочу теж" sounds weird as well.

I would say this one sounds awkward and unnatural because of the placement of теж, between хочу and їсти.

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