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I have found the solution to leveling up at a high level!!

Ok so as you may know I have been doing Spanish (and did German a few months ago) like this and I have been looking for the solution on how to do this effortlessly with no boredom.

I tried doing all basics.

I tried doing basic strengthen.

I tried a whole score of things.

BUT here's the answer

Go for 250xp per day. If you can do more, great. Do what you want.

So what do you do?

Buy timed practice! That's really helpful. It's the only way you'll do this quicker than a year.

Look through your pretty tree of skills and pick a skill. Any skill that you haven't done in a while. Do timed practice 4 times. Quit out.

Yay, you finished your first section!

Again, look for a new skill, do it four times.

Yay! Done!

And a third. When you've finished that, if you answered everything right, that's 240xp right there. That's pretty good. Now do one more lesson and top off that 250xp. Then leave and focus on something else.

So you're giving some variety and you're learning/refreshing. Pretty neat stuff don't you say?!?

Or do more if you want, do 4, 5, 6 skills.

See? It's really simple. Hope this helps.

August 20, 2017



There is indeed something to be said for practising a skill more than once, as many of the longer skills have more designated words than can be fitted into the questions of a single practice session. There have been quite a few occasions when my fluency score has gone up after practising a skill that was already gold—I had been missing words by just doing it once.

Personally, I just set myself the target of 20/20 when using timed practice, which generally results in at least one repeat. There's no point in blindly repeating a short, easy skill four times.


My target is to simply gild the skill. I love seeing a tree with gold leaves. This method does give a few repeats (even at 20/20, when the skill's strength is quite weak); which leads to seeing all the vocab, and it requires little blind repeating.


You can pick any skill. I pick skills I haven't done in a long time like nature, verbs infinitive 3 and art.


How not to learn a language!! If points mean more to you than learning follow this advice. Otherwise use duolingo's algorithm and actually learn to understand the languages you are learning. Without time spent assimilating what you learn excess points are worthless. I have taken years to reach my highest levels. Every so often I go back and regild the entire tree, but never work on a skill that is already gold.


All of my skills are gold and I would be doing easier stuff in school anyways.


Your method is similar to mine for my completed Spanish tree. I cycle through the whole tree from start to finish. In each skill set I redo each individual lesson, and then depending on how many lessons are in a skill I strengthen the skill from 1 to 5 times before moving on to the next skill. I think the end result is roughly the same as yours where I earn around 250XP per day.


Well, you will get to questions ~2-4 (if you are not super advanced) and then you have to restart from scratch.
Not useful!

I just use it to get my 1-5XPs to save my daily streak. Nothing more.

The last time I used it I was even presented with the longest translation sentence I have ever seen on DuoLingo - and of course I failed because of only rest 10-15sec.
I can not even read that fast in EN where I am surely more than upper-intermediate (L2 language).

"TimedPractice" with all existing server / browser lagging and required "continue button" clicking (where the time ticks and ticks and ticks) is IMHO not usable anymore without the DuoLessonFix user script (missing update) and being able to pause the timer between questions.....or to slow it down permanently or dynamically.

Playing audio, pressing ENTER + continue button shall NOT let the timer continue to count down!!!

I can even (very) fast 10 finger type....and I really realy hate the timer....even did so on the old Duo portal where the DuoLessonsFix was the only workaround.

The timer does not change if the sentence length varies.

Failed by design.
No customization settings.
Many people complain - Duo does not listen.

Love it - change it - leave it: Or only use it partly - as I do it.

How the hell do you want to collect 250XP just with "timed practice" excercises???

I can't wait for an update of the DuoLessonsFix user script!!!


You get up to 20 XP per timed practice. So you probably need an average of 12.5 sessions if you get everything right. If you make mistakes you might take at least 13 sessions. That doesn't take very long. So there is enough time to practice the language elsewhere or do something else.


Hi Jens,
I am curious: Can you even manage to complete all 20 questions for Portuguese in a "timed practice" with that timer / lagging behavior?
I don't :-(
How the heck do you guys do that?
Side information:
I have not completed my PT tree, 24 skills to be finished (I need to catch up on DuoLingo with my Memrise-DuoLingo-PT BR course and some more pre-learned levels).

I am using Memrise PT Basic, PT1-6 courses in parallel since 9-10 months with many L2 PT translations since the beginning.
I can't be THAT bad?!?

However, I still fail to answer all 20 questons.
Usually I have to stop at questions ~4-5...or even just reach 1-2XPs...
250XP by "timed practice" (12.5 sessions) ist just hypothetically for me - and probably many other Duo users.

I would not say that I always managed to get 20 questions right with DuoLessonsFix, but the changes have been much better before to answer more questions than only 4-5 correctly


thanks this really helped


The user script "Duo skill strength viewer" can help to select some skills with low percentages.

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