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Question about clubs

I have mostly been using duo on my laptop, because I never liked the way the app was on my Microsoft Windows phone (it still had the crap with the hearts), but I just got a new phone today, a Motorola android phone, so I'm probably going to use the app at least a little bit now (though I will still use my laptop a lot). And looking around on the duo app I noticed the option for clubs, so I joined one. But I'm not entirely sure what to do on it. It seems to be formatted like a facebook newsfeed, but when I try to make a smiley face or put a comment on a post they don't seem to show up, and the comment thing seems limited to automated messages to choose from, rather than me tying out a message. I've also tried on clicking on other members profiles to maybe send messages direct and get to know people, but it doesn't let me. So other than seeing the leaderboard with everyone's weekly XP, the club thing doesn't seem to have any other point to it. Unless there's something I'm missing that someone could help me get orientated with.

Sorry if this is a topic brought up before by newbies. I've only infrequently lurked on these boards here and there and rarely post, so my apologies if I'm bringing up an old topic.

August 20, 2017



There is, unfortunately, no way to communicate with people in the club except for what you mentioned. You cannot see other people in the clubs' profiles, you can only see their name. I wish there was a more social feature on Duolingo!


Thanks, that was what I was afraid of. Very disappointing. Maybe the duo powers at be can improve the set up so we can actually socialize a little bit on these clubs. I guess I'll have to be content with just seeing their names on the leaderboards. :(


I agree with you. It's a shame the social component of the 'club ' is so limited

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