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  5. "Uma fazenda"

"Uma fazenda"

Translation:A farm

March 10, 2013



When this word was first used three translation were listed - farm, ranch and fabric. Unless further explanation is given, fabric should be accepted as a translation.


Context! We're doing a test about animals, so the more relevant translation in this context is 'farm'. Just like when you're in conversation with someone you have to use the context of the conversation to fully understand the meaning of the words they are using.


Not necessarily, you encounter the word in the animals part but when doing general exercises, this context more or less disappears (or is less apparent in any case).


Just curious, is ranch accepted by the prog?


I did use write "ranch"... and it took it!


More similar to HACIENDA, in Spanish, than to FARM, in English.


Yes, I noticed that h-f shift in Spanish-Portuguese too.


So I know in European protuguese Farm is called "uma Quinta". Are tehre so many different words in brazilan Poruguese? I think is a bit sad, that this is brazilian, and not the chance to learn the european portuguese


Well, I think it is more useful to learn the Portuguese spoken for abour 90% of native speakers. For slight differences, you can look up for more information. ;)


see your point, anyway there should not be to many thing like "why is it like that, lalala" cause its such a great programm to get to know a language for free, all those tiny mistakes can and should be learned by being around native speaking or even better by living in the country it self


Yes, I agree with you. Actually, no matter what kind of Portuguese you speak, you'll be understood in any Portuguese-speaking country.


Are most non Portuguese speakers more likely to visit Portugal or Brazil I wonder? Certainly more Brits are likely to visit Portugal, dont know about the rest of the world.


Fazenda is used in Russian too, in an ironic way. ;) Thanks to Brazilian telenovellas that were extremely popular in Russia, especially "Escrava Isaura"! Obrigado!)

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