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"Azantyssy sȳz jenti jorrāelzi."

Translation:The knights love the good commander.

August 20, 2017



Could this also be "The good knights love the leader"?


Unfortunately the plural postpositive adjective you want is sȳri, so the sentence "The good knights love the leader" would need to be "Azantyssy sȳri jenti jorrāelzi. "

However, if we had a singular knight, azantys, it would be potentially ambiguous whether it was the knight or the commander who was good. Both are solar nouns in the singular, and sȳz is used for both the nominative and accusative, and for both the prepositive and postpositive positions of the adjective.

"Azantys sȳz jenti jorrāelza." (The good knight loves the leader. / ) The knight loves the good leader.

But my understanding is that unless there is a good reason for it (overcrowding or formality) the adjective will be expected before the noun it qualifies.

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