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problems with 'discuss this sentence'.

  1. Some discussions are much too long to read all the way through to find the answers I need.

  2. Frequently I find that others have asked the same question as I have months or even years ago without an answer. I have even asked the question, and a few months later had the same question (having been presented with the same translation in an exercise and got it wrong again) and found there is still no answer.

Does anyone have a solution to these problems?

August 20, 2017



I think you should you read through the extra-long ones so first DO NOT go through the short ones usually they mean nothing so the long ones are the target.


I think, perhaps, I have not been clear when I say the discussion is long. I'm talking about where there are maybe 100 or more comments. OK, skip the short comments, but maybe my question itself is only short, such as 'why is xxx marked wrong?' The answer may be equally short, such as 'in French we use the future tense to express yyy'. If I ignore the short ones I would miss this.


true true i agree but i meant i forgot to type this i meant read the long ones first then read the short ones i forgot to type this sorry


This is a tough one. I'm not sure what Duolingo could do to fix it because I am not a programmer. In the past, people could report very cluttered sentence discussion to moderators. However, that is not currently possible.

There are things that the community can do to help though: We need people to be more aware of what their actions would look like when magnified by millions of other people. And, we need people to check the context and purpose of the space they are in before deciding whether or not or how to leave a footprint in that space.

The purpose of sentence discussion forums are to help people ask new questions and those with knowledge, time, and willingness to answer those questions. Here is A List of Tips I've composed for people who want to learn how to most appropriately use the Sentence discussion forums.

There are a few sentences I am subscribed to because of how much clutter they get. I regularly delete new comments in "Ella es una persona." (Spanish) and "She wants a green hat." (Japanese).

We are still getting the occasional useful comment here, so, I haven't locked them yet. For the first sentence, every thinks they are a comedian. There are a hundred or more comments from people who want to leave a funny comment about "Ella es una persona" (She is a person). Many go something like "Oh, I thought she was an elephant/monkey/blueberry/alien/bagel/etc. These kinds of comments are not going to help people who are searching the sentence discussion to find answers to their questions.

Please, don't be a comedian. Chances are, moderators are seeing hundreds of grey text (deleted) comments that say the exact same or similar kind of joke comment.

For the second sentence, people are repeating other people's comments and again not being useful in the comment "She wants a green hat." Instead, many dozens are saying "bug/it's buggy/it's broken/needs to be fixed/still isn't working" in the comments. I delete this repeat comment daily for this sentence. I've left the first one in the hopes that people will see it doesn't need to be said. But, many people still feel compelled to either repeat what has already been said, or to comment without reading existing comments.

I wish I were better with grammar, so that I could help answer questions more often than I do. But, unfortunately, when I enter sentence discussions, it is usually just to delete stuff. 200,000,000 people leave a lot of junk in those forums. We really don't have enough volunteers to keep them as tidy as we would like.

For those who are curious, here is an example of how much work even one sentence discussion can generate (this one is a light example, mind you. Some discussions have had a thousand or so comments when I've showed up.)

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