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"Чиї це яблука? Це мої яблука."

Translation:Whose apples are these? These are my apples.

August 20, 2017



Is there a difference between "Whose are these apples?" And "Whose apples are these? "

I put the first and it was incorrect.


Just grammar.

"Whose apples are these?" -> the subject is "these", "these" can be interchanged with "they" ("Whose apples are they?"), "these" is a pronoun that plays a noun role. An answer to this question: "These are my apples".

"Whose are these apples?" -> the subject is "these apples", "these" cannot be replaced by "they" ("Whose are they apples?"), "these" is an attribute of "apples", a pronoun that plays an adjective role. An answer to this question: "These apples are mine".

It just happens so that in English both roles are played by "this/these", and in Ukrainian the noun role is "це", and the adjective roles are "цей/ця/це". It's the same in Spanish, "esto" plays the noun role ("Esto es mi gato ...") and "este/esta" the adjective roles ("Este gato/Esta gata e mío/mía")


Why not "They are my apples"?


Thanks for notifying, it was overlooked! Added.


I have entered the correct answer several times, exactly as they have it, and it won't accept it. Frustrating.


Please provide the answer you entered. Sometimes even when you think it's exactly the same, it's not; or it might be some bug or mistake on our side, but to fix it we need your exact input. I can check the acceptable sentences in the exercise, add new ones and correct the old ones, but I don't know what to correct from your comment.

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