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The perfect french dictionary app!

bonjour! salut! hello!

I am seeking but struggling to find a french dictionary app with the following features:

  • available offline
  • provides verb conjugations
  • provides definitions
  • ability to search for french tranlsations using english (many I've found only allow you to search in french, which doesn't make sense to me)
  • provides audio translations (very important for me with french, but frustrating because many paid apps promise audio translations and then when you pay for it, they actually only have a few words with audio translations available)
  • and as a bonus, aesthetically pleasing, well organised. (some of the apps are just a mess)

Anyone aware of any apps which offer the above features! I'm willing to pay top dollar for a good one because for me they are intrinsic to good language learning!

I'm also searching for an application (or website) that lists french podcasts or videos (anything with audio). I'm a beginner so I was hoping to find something which guides you through the various levels. Providing for example chidrens stories for beginner level students


August 20, 2017



I can't help you with the app (I've looked for one too!) but for the audio site, here's a good one: https://www.newsinslowfrench.com/ , French News (so no slurs or slang) so you get used to proper speech.


My two favourite web dictionaries are WordReference and Lingee, but they don't provide most of what you are looking for!

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