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Mein Freund hat "bei/in" unserem Auto das Licht brennen lassen.

which preposition we use: bei or in?

August 20, 2017



If this sentence referred to the interior lighting, I would use "in".

If the sentence referred to the exterior lighting, I would use "an".

I cannot imagine any situation in which I would use "bei".


I natively speak standard German and I'd agree with Heike: "An unserem Auto" would be at our car, i.e. the exterior lighting. "In unserem Auto" would be in our car, meaning the interior lighting.

"Er hat bei unserem Auto das Licht brennen lassen" sounds either as if the light was left burning near the car, or as if the speaker didn`t quite know where exactly the light had been left burning.


I am from south Germany and I would rather use 'bei unserem Auto' instead of 'an unserem Auto'. Don't ask me for the grammar rules, maybe it is just a kind of dialect.


Ah, of course: There may be regional differences in usage. I didn't think of that. Good to know! (Now, thinking about it, I don't find "bei" as unusual as I thought when I wrote my reply ...) :-)


I speak also a German dialect (I'm from South Tyrol) an I would also say "bei". But at school, we speak "Hochdeutsch" there, I would say "bei", too. But I think an and bei are both correct. But I can't say I can't say if it's definitely, true because I'm not a native "Hochdeutsch" speaker. :-)


I would say that I'm a "Hochdeutsch" speaker, although not really strict (and with many colloquialims - is that a word? :-D)... Was a bit confused because I also thought "bei" would be fine... But maybe it's simply colloquial usage in different areas... "An meinem Auto" sounds way better in my ears :-)

[deactivated user]

    Yeah, there might be some regional differences and personal preferences. I'm from North-Rhine Westphalia, and both "an" and "bei" sound natural to me.


    Very well, but that's the region where "komm' ma' lecker bei misch" is considered to be comprehesible, isn't it?


    [deactivated user]

      Well, that's more of a sociolect :)


      "Sociolect"! I'm stealing that, can't wait to slip it into conversation as casually as possible.



      Forgive me for bringing up another discussion here!

      Hallo Hannibal-Barkas!
      Wollte nur sagen, dass ich dir hier geantwortet habe (und konnte leider nicht da direkt antworten).


      thank you all .... This sentence is written in Menschen: Mein Mann hat bei unserem Auto das Licht brennen lassen.

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