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difference betwen "anderen" and "anderes"

what is the difference .

March 10, 2013



"andere" is a pronoun and quantifier. The ending indicates the grammatical number and gender. In the example of, "Ich esse einen anderen Apfel (m.)"( = I am eating a different/another apple), "anderen" is a singular, male quantifier. You could ask "Isst du einen anderen?" (= Are you eating a different one?) and "anderen" would become a pronoun. No need for "..one" in German. "anderes" is a singular, neuter quantifier and pronoun. For example, "Ich sehe ein anderes Kind (n.)" (= I see a different child). Just check out adjective endings as they will be the same.


danke....thank you


Would it be more simple to say: andere: feminine anderes: neuter anderen: masculine

Or not?


It could be, also mantel=coat is der mantel which is masculine and it is using with anderen.


Definetly. Das ist ein anderes buch. Sie ist eine andere Frau. Er ist ein anderer Mann.

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