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"That person is going to call or write you."

Translation:Cette personne va vous téléphoner ou vous écrire.

August 20, 2017



Why is Cette personne-là incorrect? That was one of the options!


We don't use -là if it is not for emphasis or necessary. For instance, you would use "cette personne-là" if that person were compared with "cette personne-ci".


Also, as an addendum a week later. Can this statement be made in the à toi form? Cette personne va appeler ou écrire à toi. Many thanks mods!


Remember: object pronouns are placed before the verb they depend on: "Cette personne va t'appeler ou t'écrire".

This works with directly transitive verbs (appeler quelqu'un) as well as verbs constructed with "à" (écrire à quelqu'un).


Does it have to be "Cette" - are Ce or Ca incorrect?


Yes, only "cette" is correct here.

ce/cet (masc.) / cette (fem.) / ces (plur.) is a demonstrative adjective, and it can only be used before a noun.

For instance, "this" in "this person" comes right before a noun, therefore it's a demonstrative adjective and is translated by cette: "cette personne"

ça (with the alternative form "ce" when it is the subject of "être") is a demonstrative pronoun, and it can only be used on its own, never before a noun.

"this" in "this is a person" does not come before a noun, therefore it's a demonstrative pronoun and is translated by ça/ce: "c'est une personne"


"ça" is the informal contraction of "cela" = "that" (pronoun)


The first time I missed it, the answer was "...va te telephone ou t'ecrire."


"... va te téléphoner ou t'écrire." - Both verbs in infinitive.


Write you? Could be wrong, but I don't think this is proper English. Surely there should be a "to" before you.


some verbs of communication takes "a" (sorry no accents):

telephoner a quelqu'un / make a call to someone;

ecrire une lettre a quelqu'un.

Take a look at COI= me te lui nous vous leur

je vous ecris une lettre.


It is actually correct just a less often used construction! :)


I think "write you" is North American English whereas "write to you" is British English.


In English we would say "write to you"; "write you" is American


Why is it téléphoner and écrire but not téléphonez or écrirez


téléphoner and écrire are both the infinitive form of the verbs; meaning "to telephone" and "to write". (vous) téléphonez and (vous) écrivez are both 2nd person (plural) forms of the verbs; meaning "you (pl) are phoning" and "you are writing"

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