"Doctorul m-a ajutat prescriindu-mi ce i-am cerut."

Translation:The physician helped me prescribing me what I asked him for.

August 20, 2017

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Can someone explain why there is an "i"?


In the present tense the sentence would be:
"The physician helps me by prescribing me what I ask him for. - Doctorul ajută prescriindu-mi ce îi cer." ("îi" means "him")

In the compound perfect, mandatory contractions appear between pronouns in the accusative or dative case and the verb. Here you can see the accusative "mă" + "a" becomes "m-a" and the dative "îi" + "am" becomes "i-am". Here's two tables of them: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Appendix:Romanian_contractions


I think I saw on mobile phone only "i" hmm... but earlier today I aslo had problems with duo that it showed me full correct answers.... so I just prest enter and got correct. Hm. I raised the problems already. I'm quite sure I saw in the anwer on mobile only "i"... hmm with i-am I would understand. Interesting. And thanks for the answer : )

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