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Is anyone getting the extra points for ranking other users' translations?

When I translate a sentence and then start ranking other sentences I am shown that I receive the extra skill points (up to 3). However, when I check my skill points on my personal page I have only received points for my own translation, and not the extra points. Is anyone getting the extra points?

June 27, 2012



Did you try to reload the page? Sometimes I don't even see the points made with normal lessons or translations, but if I force a page reload, then usually they show up correctly. In this case, I did a single sentence translation, then rated another user and returned to home. The extra one point was missing, but after a reload it showed up in the skill points counter (not in the day counter, though...).


It is as you guys say, the extra points show up in Skill points, but not Daily progress. I've only been looking at the Daily progress counter so I got fooled by this. It could be a design decision, but it could also be a bug...

Either way, I consider it a glitch in the interaction and motivational design (in case any staff should stumble across this Q). It cases confusion and could make some hold back on translating since they think they don't get all the points.

Thanks for the help guys!


I confirm stefano's observation.

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