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French Movie

Does anybody know a french movie with english subtitles?

March 10, 2013



I've found adult French movies to be very difficult to understand since they have more slang, speak faster, and generally use more complicated words. But, if you insist... I would backup IG88 for Amélie, and Delicatessen.

If you're looking for a French movie to help you work on your listening, I would definitely suggest Disney movies - since it is geared towards kids so the language is very easy. They're all available in French audio on the DVDs - songs and everything! - with English subtitles. Hercules, Hunchback of Notre-Dame, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Aladin, etc.

The same goes for Pixar movies!

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Cyrano De Bergerac; Jean de Florette ;Manon des Sources are classics.:Untouchable is also very good.


If you want a good comedy, try Le diner de cons (literally "dinner for a**holes", but commonly translated as "the dinner game"). I have seen it 4 times, and scenes made me laugh out loud every time!

I also quite like "Rien a declarer", "Micmacs" and agree with all of the suggestions for Amelie.

Unlike many others, however, I would recommend against watching English language films with the French soundtrack. One of the great benefits of watching films while learning a language is that you get to see things you can't learn from a book or from duolingo: the body language and facial expressions people make when they speak. It often helps to make the sounds more clearly if you understand the way people contort their faces when they make those sounds. Imitate the facial expressions, and you will have an easier time pronouncing unfamiliar sounds.


Do you have Netflix? Netflix has lots available.

Lots of Blu-ray or DVD copies of English language movies have alternate language tracks and English subtitles available. Just go to language settings and adjust them. I recently watched The Avengers in Spanish and I know it also has a French language track.

If you don't have Netflix and if you want to see some actual French movies, I can suggest Amelie and Delicatessan as two of my favorite French movies. You should look those up.


Very kind of you

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There's a French Beauty and the Beast - I'm sorry to say, I've forgotton which famous French director made it, in the late 40s or early 50s in black and white. I enjoyed watching that very much. Some movies will also let you specify not only the language, but also the language of the subtitles, so you could also see the subtitles in French, if you like.


Hello! Here are some names of french films I like (Bonjour! Voici quelques noms de films français que j'aime): - "Harry, un ami qui vous veut du bien" de Dominik Moll - "Sur mes lèvres" de Jacques Audiard - "Huit femmes" de François Ozon (The women sing in this film!) - "La cité des enfants perdus" de Marc Caro et Jean-Pierre Jeunet - "Un prophète" de Jacques Audiard - "Polisse" de Maïwenn - "Des hommes et des dieux" de Xavier Beauvois - "Persepolis" de Vincent Paronnaud et Marjane Satrapi - ect...

Voilà! I hope that you will like this films (J'espère que vous aimerez ces films).

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