duolingo are saying soupe is soup in french, i have been taught to say potage is soup. Does anyone know the word for soup

August 20, 2017


This question was answered in a previous discussion , here is the link :)

The answer of the previous Duolingo discussion in the link provided is unfortunately wrong in French, it may be correct for the difference between soup and potage or pottage in English though. But in French the word "potage" can be used to describe a very liquid dish, and a "soupe" can be thick.

In modern French the two words are very closely related but we would tend to use "potage" for a dish served before the main meal, as an entrée (therefore the word "potage" also has a fancier connotation). Whereas "soupe" would rather be used for a main dish, "soupe" is a broader term nowadays though, so you could use "soupe" to talk about a "potage".

Thank you for your comments :D :D

Actually, I have not heard 'potage' since childhood. 'Soup' is 'soupe'.

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