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Can I configure forgotten accents to be a FAIL?

I am losing precision in the use of accents by passing tests in which I mistype diacritics. The leniency is having a negative effect on my learning, please allow me to configure stricter checks.

August 20, 2017



The leniency of the website/app cannot be altered by users. Perhaps a reson for leniency in this aspect is that some users are not able to type accents due to issues with technology and Duolingo want these people to be able to have access to this education as well.


As of yet, Duolingo has not had any configurable options regarding corrections or level of difficulty. I can only speculate, but it may be that differing standards for various students could make it more difficult to analyze the data. It's just a guess on my part. Or, it may just not be a priority for them.

Suggestions from users don't generally appear to have a major effect on the direction of Duolingo, so I just figure out how best to work with what we have.

I make a written note of either "almost correct" and fail, so the leniency has not been not an issue for me either way.


I appreciate your pragmatism and I am ready to embrace a "defeatist" attitude towards my ability to change the course of development, should it come to that, especially after seeing enough evidence of being ignored. Seems like a diffused feeling, that of doubting these posts can change anything at all. I hope you'll forgive my, perhaps naive, impetus, until proven otherwise. I wish it weren't so hard to contribute ideas to the software.


I see myself more as a realist than a defeatist, but we all have our own unique perspective on the world. As Duolingo is so data-driven, I assume that my behavior in how I (and millions of other users) do lessons has more of an effect on the software decisions than any comments I might make on the forum.


I imputed pragmatism to you, not necessarily "defeatism", which I said I could end up embracing. Data-driven: looks hard to inject novel ideas by means of data; by definition a new idea starts at count 1 (this proposal might not be a good idea on a large scale, but certainly I would benefit from being taught to write my accents well). I even think that "recognising" words works less well than having to write them (contrast "find and click/drag" and "have to type out") but that's another topic, I guess.


Understood, I didn't intend to imply that you were calling me a defeatist. It's true that behavior is more a reaction to existing changes already being made.

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That would be a good idea, maybe not with the initial learning of particular lessons, but for practicing them later.

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