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  5. "I fell down"

"I fell down"


August 20, 2017



"Kuanguka" means "to fall", just as in English. "Fall down" means the same thing but to add "chini" after "anguka" would suggest some kind of emphasis on direction.


Hi. I'm quite confused why the word chini (down) has not been added? I fell (nilianguka) down (chini). I wrote this in the answer box and got incorrect. Does anyone know why? Thanks


It's because it needs correction. Report it.


I'm not native but I was taught Swahili for a year straight so I'm pretty sure on this. You wouldn't add chini because "down" is implied in the verb itself. I assume you know other languages so you would understand that a word for word translation isn't always the best.


I'm a native speaker (although my Swahili is getting rusty having moved to an English speaking country, which is why I'm on duo lingo). I fell in English can also be implied that you fell down and it would still be correct if you didn't use the word down same as Nilianguka in Swahili can be implied that way. Although the correct translation of the sentence given would be I fell down as they've specified it in the sentence. Hope that makes sense.


This appeared for me in the 'Present 3' unit despite not being in the present tense.

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