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What's the deal with Hebrew points for vowel sounds

I'm failing almost every exercise now because I can't see the points on the site and I can't mark them on the answers even if I could see the details of the two or three dots or lines etc! So they are marking every answer wrong over and over when the letters are exactly right!

August 20, 2017



Like most Modern Hebrew texts, the course rarely uses the vowel marks except in the beginning. Your answers should be accepted without them.


If you have got the letters right without the nikkud, in most exercises they should be accepted without comment. In audio exercises, for some reason, Duolingo flags them as typos, but usually does not mark them wrong. If a given word has a lot of nikkud, then it may get marked as a fail in an audio exercise, and you should probably report it.

In general. you shouldn't have to write nikkud to use the course. You should be able to read them, so for example you can see the difference between yafeh and yafah or rotzeh and rotzah (I don't have the ability to type nikkud on this device!), especially for the purposes of "choose all the correct translations" type exercises, but you should only very rarely get marked incorrect for lack of them. (The course creators have disabled audio exercises for sentences which cause particular problems BUT for some reason the system was ignoring them. I don't know if that's been fixed.)

If you're getting marked wrong, double check that you haven't made a different mistake - such as using an apostrophe for yud or vice versa, or ט/ת or א/ע or typos of similar-looking letters - and report if you have correct sentences that aren't being accepted.

In theory, at least, you should never have to type in nikkud to get through a lesson, so it's worth double checking you haven't made subtle errors. If you are sure that your answer matches correctly except for the nikkud, and that is the only issue, then it may be some kind of bug or you might have stumbled on one of the sentences Duolingo has a bee in its bonnet about. If you have problems in specific lessons then mention them, and others can see if they can replicate the problem. Also try taking screencaps. It may be worth your while asking in the Duolingo Hebrew Learners Facebook group. I'd also suggest moving this to the Hebrew forum where it's more likely to be seen by the Hebrew team. You may at some point need to go to the actual troubleshooting forum, but I'd say the first port of call is the Hebrew team; this post being in the general forum is liable to disappear quickly in the slew of posts and may disappear before any of the Hebrew mods get to see it.

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