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Points system?

I don't know about others on here but I feel that when I earn points for lessons that it does not show that I'm fluent enough with the language.

Do other duolingo users feel this way?

March 10, 2013



You will never be fluent if you don't speak. Duolingo is a wonderful support, but cannot be the only mean to learn a language.


Earning the points is the most important for you to progress, however I think you will know how your fluency is progressing siply by experience. Keep on the path


Duolingo is a wonderful tool for gaining a better understanding when reading in a second language. I encourage you to find a news site in the language you're learning and occasionally browse the articles. As you progress through your lessons on Duolingo, you'll begin to recognize more words in the articles and might even be able to grasp their context. This is what is happening with me anyways. I look forward to doing full translations of articles in the future.


If fluency meens deeper a understanding for you, I encourage you to do the lesson practice untill your lessons are gold. I bet that you will feel the difference if you regularly redo lessons. Its also rewarded by points.

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