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Suggestions for Duo (Add your own in the comments!)

Hola! I have some suggestions for duo, and if you do too, comment them below and I will add them to the list! Anyway, here goes:

(1) Ability to make your goal a number other than IXP, 10XP, 20XP, 30XP, or 50XP (for instance, a goal of 40XP, or of 15XP)

(2) Bots on PC.

(3) ''Send lingot button'' on profile pages.

(4) A way to talk to certain users directly

(5) Abbreviations bonus course

(6) Flashcards

(7) Grammar section

(8) Advanced tree for after the normal one.

(9) More I will add later

Add yo's to the list!


August 20, 2017



I would like to customize my daily goal in each language like Memrise, for example:

Irish: 20XP Romanian: 100XP German: 10 XP


They used to allow comments for the problem issues in each lesson. Now they do not and no one can tell Duolingo about an error easily. This should be brought back.


I still have that, but on my PC...


I strongly believe a grammatical section should be added, especially a punctuation section. They do not actually teach you how to use commas in any of the languages from what I've seen, and that is a giant liability when writing in the language. If we are trying to be correct, this should be taught. I get that they are trying to make this website accessible to everyone, but perhaps making the grammar section an opt-in deal would help with that. I would use it like crazy, and it would be of great benefit to a great many people.


I think there are two Duolingos. The web version is more free, more difficult but it demands a lot of typing. The mobile version is easier, just some words to put in the right order, a few typing exercises (open answered questions) and almost the same number of multiple choice ones. The grading system is different too. But there are so many other forms of questions in language learning, as Duolingo tries in Labs part, comprehensive questions and more, correspondence, etc, that Duolingo didn't included. Most of the people don't like to type all the time. So as the mobile version is more convenient and maybe more popular. But how much is it effective? I don't know. I am expecting Duolingo revise the software of questions, to create more forms of them, and correct some glitches as it is the half answered, maybe whole answered ones, in the mobile version, that are completely useless for language learning.

The issue of clubs. It is not completely developed so far. There are many to be done, as the real coaching of the club's, as it is done in classes in the web version. Some ideas could be the option to organize contests, for individuals or groups in the club, to have more room to announce a contest and a special part in the discussion board about. Clubs is a brilliant idea, that can boost language learning through competition.

Another important issue is the possibility to read the Tips part in the mobile version.it is very important to study this part before trying to practice on an issue.

The lingots system does not offer enough motivation, as the prize is to give you a day off or two, that is no practice.But the key point is to motivate the learner to practice more and more and not give him a practice day off, as a reward, it seems absurd. I propose to give more for weekends and holidays instead, it is more logical.


Adding a plus one to this one; as a new member the difference between the mobile version and desktop version was more confusing than I think it needed to be. I get that mobile and desktop experiences differ, and I think the two approaches to lessons are excellent, but don't really understand why I have to come to a browser to see one set of additional features and go to the app to see another, seemingly with no crossover. After googling quite a bit I think I get it now, but yeah, the first few days (I just finished week one) it was quite confusing and frustrating.

Just to add to the lingots part, the blue lingots/gems in the mobile version.. I don't really get it. The only thing they seem to do other than lingots is allow you to skip practising something after you loose all your lives, but if you just got a load of questions wrong, isn't it good that you have to practise a few times to build your lives back? I really like that feature. Giving me gems to skip practising something I don't know is just weird. One week in and I have nearly 800 gems that seem even more useless than the 28 lingots tbh.


1) i think the Duolingo Forum can be used for that and Luis has said that he choses not to listen to users most of the time as have many other business owners because users have very unrelaistic and selfish expectations and have no expertise in the area most of the time

2) I think you can do this on computer or used to be able to although I am not sure on that

3) slang is often ofensive and if used in the wrong way could put you in danger and Duolingo would not be able to say 100% that they were not responsible if they taught you a 'slang' word which you used in the wrong context and had a negative consequence because of this. I think text abbreviations would be safer and more useful

4) I agree, I would definetly like to try these out, they seem very fun

6) this could cause people to be targetted or have people dislike them for downvoting a discussion, this would be even more likely when downvoting a spammer because they may choose to target you (has happened to me before when i commented) and downvoting spam is vital to keeping these dicussions open so this would put people in danger mearly for trying to help out the community.
I have never seen a social media site that will tell you who disliked or downvoted because this opens the user up to harrassment and would be very bad for the users and the company


I would like longer passages for reading and responding to (which is kind of addressed with Duolingo Stories). I would also like to do "create your own sentences based on sentence format X" exercises, for example with Spanish conditional sentences.


Is it ok that I dream big ?

I'd like to suggest an "Advanced Tree" for each language, which can be studied after finishing the first "Basic Tree". duolingo has the dual purpose of providing free language education while translating the web, and the content on the web is vast, from children stories to neuroscience, so the more content translated from the web the bigger (and more advanced) the amount of knowledge made available for everyone on both ends of the deal. I do imagine the huge amount of work that this would need, but I think it's worth putting on the table, at least as a future project.


I agree with all of those.


Flashcards would be helpful actually...


There did use to be a tab for this but they closed it, there are many many replacements though such as Tinycards which was made to replace this by Duolingo
i personally like Cram and Quizlet a bit more because there are 'games' you can do with your decks with takes anyway from the monotony of flashcards


The bad thing about tiny cards is that you make a question that is wrong, right by pressing R, that is a huge problem.


Debatable. Quizlet has the same function; it's nice for when you sometimes just flip two letters, or when your study set creator has made an error.


I agree but it is alittle questionable...


I personally perfer this, some people put rather long answers on the other side that could not easily be replicated so without this function would make the deck almost unusable. It is also good for as the other person said spelling errors which makes it more acessibile to dsylexic people who could know the answer yet spell it wrong every time.
At the end of the day it is for someones own personal learning so they could press R when it's wrong but they would only be harming themselves and their own learning.


Discussion on mobile, more things in the lingot store, and the ability to delete a language from your profile that is the only language from another base language.


It would be cool, if you could type in your own number. For instance: I want a 2 day XP. What? no 2 day XP? Wait, there is a type your own streak. 2 day streak. Ta da!!


A way to talk directly to certain people. Or at least having a post and only letting certain people respond.


https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20862320, check out this link, it would be a great thing to add to duo. All who agree, please make your voices known. May the force be with you duolingo commenters.

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