"Qintrȳti avera ipradan."

Translation:I am eating the turtles' grapes.

August 20, 2017



Those poor turtles. Can you imagine a troop of red-eared sliders scampering in disappointment and frustration after this grape thief, who just needs to manage a brisk walk to outrun the little wobblers?

October 17, 2017


The possessive apostrophe was marked as a typo. That's not right.

August 20, 2017


I did that too, but then I realized it would technically be turtles' not turtles's so I get why, but it's still confusing that they added 's as an option.

January 4, 2019


There is literally nothing I can do about this. The best translation is supposed to be "I am eating the turtles' grapes." It has an apostrophe. It's there on the page. I can't make it any more there. For some reason the code just doesn't accept it. I have no idea why.

February 16, 2019


I think it has to do with the code ignoring punctuation, unless it's an apostrophe followed by a letter ('n, 'r, 's, etc), and then only if it's unambiguous what is meant (it'll consider 's as contraction of "has" a typo, for example).

March 28, 2019

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