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  5. "You eat my grape."

"You eat my grape."

Translation:Ñuhe avero ipradā.

August 20, 2017



why ñuhe and not ñuha ?


It is effectively an adjective, so needs to agree in gender (lunar), number (singular), and case (accusative) with avero.

At this stage, it's good enough to learn just the nominative and accusative (other cases will be introduced further into the course):

  • ñuha avero my grape (nominative)
  • ñuhe avero my grape (accusative)

avero with its stem vowel o has the same ending -o in both nominative singular and accusative singular which can make it hard to spot which case it is in (unless there is a helpful adjective).

Stem -a nouns can make the agreement easier to spot:

  • ñuha vala my man (nominative)
  • ñuhe vale my man (accusative)


why ipradaat not working??

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